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Ubuntu 20.04, low-latency, non-realtime

Start by installing Ubuntu 20.04.

Install Peak CAN card hardware (but do not install a driver, yet):


Then install git:

sudo apt install git

Download the libbarrett source code:

cd && git clone -b feature/ubuntu2004

Install the libbarrett software dependencies and scripts. This will replace the standard kernel with one compiled for low interrupt latency. This script also installs the Peak PCAN driver:

cd ~/libbarrett/scripts && ./
sudo reboot

Compile libbarrett:

cd ~/libbarrett && cmake .
make -j$(nproc)

Install libbarrett:

sudo make install

Build the libbarrett example programs:

cd ~/libbarrett/examples && cmake .
make -j$(nproc)

Get the WAM ready:

  • Connect the WAM's CAN cable to the first port of your CAN device.
  • Turn on the WAM.
  • Ensure both E-Stop buttons are released by turning them a quarter-turn clockwise.

Then run an example program:


Press Shift+Idle on the WAM's Control Pendant to exit this application.

Installing ROS

If your application is based on ROS, you can continue by installing ROS Noetic.

Then install our barrett-ros-pkg.