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Firmware Update

To set up for an upgrade you will need a PEAK CAN USB to CAN adapter (provided by Barrett). Plug the DB9 end of the PEAK CAN adapter into a straight through DB9 extender and plug this into the DB9 on the front of the console.

Version check

By typing

burt-util mainboard get_versions

You should get

Mainboard Version: 1.2.2 (203d1e8)
Puck 1: 1.11.0
Puck 2: 1.11.0
Puck 3: 1.11.0
Elbow: 0.3.3
CPI: 0.0.0

if your Mainboard version is older than 1.2.2, then follow the upgrading steps below.

Firmware Update

Step 1

Download the firmware-bin file


Step 2

Update your firmware

burt-util mainboard silence_can
burt-util flash 10 path/to/
burt-util reset 10

Step 3

Verify your Mainboard version again

burt-util mainboard get_versions