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BURT Safety Features and Cautions

Safety Instructions


Following these safety instructions will help prevent user injury and equipment damage.

Proper precautions should be taken when selecting the location and setup of your BURT system. Refer to the BURT Mounting Layout for proper setup. DO NOT set up the system such that any part of the robot’s workspace (resembling a sphere with an approximately one meter radius) reaches into a pedestrian pathway in the lab space.

In addition, as with any piece of robotic equipment, it is ultimately up to you to be aware of your surroundings during robot operation.

  • NEVER connect or disconnect any electrical cables while the system is turned on. Failure to follow this instruction could impart irreparable damage to the onboard electronics or put you at risk of electrical shock.
  • Always plug the system into a properly grounded wall source. Failure to do so could damage the BURT electronics and put you at risk of electrical shock.
  • Do not allow BURT to be exposed to liquids that may cause electrical short-circuit and put you at risk of electrical shock.
  • Do not exceed the maximum payload of BURT: 3 kg in standard operating configuration (see BURT Mounting Layout). This corresponds to the weight of a 95th percentile human arm. Do not lean on the arm such that it must support the weight of your torso.
  • Do not disconnect the cradle from the elbow or loosen the black lever at the elbow. Doing so may cause unexpected robot movements.