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Thank you for choosing BURT Research. BURT is the world’s first advanced and affordable end-effector robotic manipulator for upper-extremity rehabilitation training and robotics research, which is based on the proven WAM technology developed by Barrett Technology. With transparent dynamics, low inertia and mass, BURT is designed to be the haptic device of choice for those who desire high-fidelity force feedback throughout a human-sized work volume. BURT offers researchers with new hardware and software modalities necessary for robotics research.


  • Neurorehabilition research
  • Sensorimotor training
  • Haptically-enabled control
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Workspace/Force scaling
  • Master-Slave and Teleoperation
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR) & (AR)
  • Vocational therapy
  • Teletherapy

Hardware features

  • 3-DOF robotic manipulator
  • Backdrivable gearless transmissions
  • Forearm cuff end-effector supports the human arm
  • Easy handedness switching & subject setup
  • Adjustable lifting-column height
  • Lockable caster wheels
  • Bilateral (2-systems) ready
  • Custom endpoints (contact support)

Software Tools

  • Medical software and engaging exergames
  • MonoDevelop and Unity Integrated development environments
  • Open source libraries:
    • BurtSharp (C#) control library for development of custom BURT applications
    • BurtSharp-Unity-extension library for development of virtual and haptic simulations
    • Well-documented examples offer easy-to-learn control and haptic functionalities
  • Safety System regulates force, torque, and velocity outputs for safe use
  • Software and Firmware updates over the internet
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