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Warranty & Subcription-Service Policies

Revised 2011-December-08

"Warranty" (policies described below) covers the first year and is automatically included in the base price of the system. "Subscription Service" is identical to Warranty except that it only applies to years after the first year, for which the customer pays.

Limited Warranty

The warranty and subscription service policies are the same across all Barrett products. Barrett Technology, Inc. warrants that its Robotic component(s) (the "Product") are free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for a period of one year from the date of shipment and cover only the original purchaser of the Product.

Conditions of Warranty

This warranty shall be void and of no force and effect if the Product is damaged as a result of:

  1. neglect, alteration, power fluctuation, or accident
  2. improper use, including failure to follow operating instructions or maintenance and environmental conditions prescribed on Barrett's Support Site
  3. service or repair by anyone other than service representatives qualified by Barrett and acting in accordance with Barrett's service requirements
  4. use of supplies or parts other than those distributed by Barrett.
  5. use of the Product with incompatible robot arms, computers, peripheral equipment or software

This warranty shall not extend to any Product on which the original identification marks or serial numbers have been defaced, removed, or altered.

While Barrett has been a pioneer in human-interactive robot safety, ROBOTS ARE INHERENTLY DANGEROUS. BARRETT SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE in whole or in part arising from the use of Barrett's Product(s). Barrett shall not be liable under any circumstances for consequential damages.

Aircraft-grade drive cables give the Barrett's robots their performance edge. They are also subject to wear, so a full set of spare cables is included with every new WAM. (Automatically) adjusting pretension on a regular basis (every few months for most systems) will extend the life of the cables. If and when needed, cable replacement is relatively inexpensive and simple (there is a set of short video clips that guide the way), so the job can be done on site. From a warranty perspective, Barrett treats cables the way that car manufacturers treat tires. The harder the user(s) drive them, the shorter their useful life. And, as is the case with car tires, the customer ultimately is responsible for their purchase and replacement.

This warranty, while valid, shall provide the following:

  1. replacement or repair, at Barrett's discretion, of any defective part, without charge
  2. technical support by email and Skype(tm) (up to 80 hours/year)
  3. access to the latest files on the customer-only portion of the Barrett Technology web site:
    • Software installers
    • Firmware updates
    • Performance analyses
    • Video tutorials

Barrett may change this warranty policy at any time and without notice.

Subscription Service

An Annual Subscription Service may be purchased to extend the initial warranty by one, two, or three years. The subscription service will provide an extension of the warranty services and policies. Barrett Technology may send a subscription service notification with renewal pricing options several months ahead of the end of the existing warranty period.

Warranty or Subscription Expiration:

Beginning on January 1, 2013, if your warranty expires and you wish to renew it, there will be a start-up fee of 1 additional year of Subscription Service and the equipment must be certified by Barrett technicians to be in good condition.

Barrett may change this subscription service policy at any time and without notice.

Out-of-Warranty Service and Support

If you choose not to extend your warranty or subscription service, you will no longer benefit from the Warranty coverage items above. You will incur parts, labor, and post-repair shipping charges for all repairs. Technical support will be limited to the self-help section of our web site, and you will not receive access to the latest software installers, firmware updates, performance analyses, or video tutorials. However, you will still have access to our latest documentation and open source software source code.

Return Procedure

The customer must first contact Barrett’s service department to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and note the RMA number on the shipping documents. Barrett will inform the customer which components need to be returned. The customer shall pay for shipping to Barrett. Barrett shall pay for return shipping excluding any and all duties, taxes, customs fees, surcharges or other costs.