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Guardian-WAM Hardware Setup

Mounting the WAM

The Guardian-WAM system was designed with an aluminum WAM mounting plate. The plate is equipped with a support lever to help with weight distribution while mounting the WAM as well as ease of access to the WAM safety board.

Prop up the WAM Mounting plate using the support lever and appropriate screw on the Guardian cover tracks.

The WAM will attach to the Guardian using M12 screws. These screws will be screwed in upwards from below, through the WAM mounting plate and into the WAM base plate.

With the Guardian-WAM covers fully extended, lift the WAM onto the WAM mounting plate.

With proper support, screw in the 4 M12 screws from below through the WAM mounting plate and into the WAM base plate.

Tighten the screws with a M12 Allen wrench.

Carefully unattach the WAM mounting plate support and slowly lower the WAM into the Guardian, making sure to properly tuck in the support arm attaching it to its corresponding magnetic strip.

Screw down the WAM and mounting plate.

Attach the WAM Control Pendant, Display Pendants, Power Cord, and Ethernet. Screwing down components to assure proper connection.

Your WAM Mounting is now complete.

You may now close the Guardian-WAM covers.

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