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    4343Attach the one end of the Hand Cable to the Power Supply and the other end into the Hand.  Tighten the strain-relief screws using the Phillips screwdriver provided in the toolkit.  CAUTION: Be sure you are not supplying 48 V to a 24 V hand.
    4444Check the switches on the bottom of a BH8-280 hand under the access panel.  Make sure the CAN termination is ON (SW1, !#4), SW3 is set to CAN (the side with the dot), and J35/J36 is correct for which port you are using (jumper on J36 for bottom connector).
     47== Power-Up Sequence ==
     48Once the previous steps are complete, your BH8-SERIES System is ready for use.  Power up the system according to the instructions below:
     50        1. Verify the DB-9 extension cable is plugged into the desired communications port (or Peak USB to CAN adapter) and into the 9-pin connector on the back of the Power Supply.
     51        1. Verify the Hand Cable is plugged into the the back of the Power Supply and into the bottom of the !BarrettHand™.
     52        1. Verify the AC line Line Cord cord is plugged into a valid power source and into the power outlet on the Power Supply.
     53        1. Turn on the host computer.
     54        1. Turn on the Power Supply.  The main power switch is located on the back panel.
     55        1. The !BarrettHand™ is now ready for operation.