BH8-280 Firmware Update

The BarrettHand™ firmware resides on board the electronics located inside the hand. BH8-280 hands have firmware stored in flash and uploading firmware should only need to be done if upgrading to a newer firmware version. The latest version of firmware should be uploaded to the hand whenever new software is installed on the host computer to ensure proper operation.

The download process takes only a few minutes, as follows:

  1. Verify the BarrettHand™ is plugged into the Power Supply.
  2. Verify the host computer is plugged into the Power Supply.
  3. Verify the Power Supply is attached to a power source.
  4. Run the BarrettHand Control GUI from Windows or Ubuntu.
  5. Select the Hand model number and either CAN or Serial depending on your connection.
  6. Open the appropriate file according to Table 1.
  7. Press the Upload firmware button in the Upload Firmware box.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions:
    • BH8-262 users: Cycle power: Switch the Power Supply off, wait 5 seconds, and then turn it back on. The upload begins automatically.
    • BH8-280 users: Have the Hand powered for 5 seconds and then click OK to begin uploading firmware.
  9. After uploading the file, the BarrettHand™ is ready for operation.
  10. Initialize the software by pressing the Initialize Library button. Check that new firmware is version is reported correctly in the GUI.
File NameDescription
“puck2.tek.r200Latest BH8-280 Firmware
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