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Libbarrett change log

Version 1.1.0

Change list:

  • The systems::Wam::moveTo() member function can now be used to simultaneously control tool position and tool orientation using pose_type
  • Updated examples/ex02_hold_position.cpp to demonstrate systems::Wam::moveTo(pose_type)
  • Added systems::Wam::getLowLevelWam()
  • Added a template specialization for math::Spline that can interpolate boost::tuple types
  • API CHANGE: Removed the initialDirection parameter from the math::Spline constructor
  • Added Puck::saveAllProperties() member function
  • Added a python wrapper for the ProductManager class
  • Added support for WAMs that have joint encoders
  • Added sandbox utilities
  • Changed linker configuration to support Ubuntu 12.04
  • The sandbox/ folder is installed to ~/libbarrett_sandbox by default
  • Python bindings for libbarrett are now compiled by default (use "cmake . -DWITH_PYTHON=OFF" to disable)
  • Fixed a bug in the log::RealTimeWriter constructor
  • Fixed a bug in systems::RealTimeMutex

Known issues:

(No additional issues.)

Version 1.0.0

Recent changes:

  • Changed the following functions and constants to measure time in seconds:
    • log::RealTimeWriter::RealTimeWriter()
    • Hand::waitUntilDoneMoving()
    • Puck::tryGetProperty()
    • Puck::WAKE_UP_TIME
    • Puck::TURN_OFF_TIME
    • SafetyModule::waitForMode()
    • SafetyModule::waitForModeChange()
  • Removed the non-static overloads for Puck::tryGetProperty()
  • Updated Hand API
  • Improved support for controlling two WAM systems from one PCI CAN card
  • Renamed the "" config setting to "kinematics.world_to_base"
  • Changed how configuration files access calibration information
  • Updated the bt-wam-zerocal program
  • Updated the bt-wam-gravitycal program
  • Added wamdiscover utility to help identify WAMs and WAM-PCs on the local network
  • Added a "make install" target to install the library to system directories
  • Introduced a system for gracefully updating and installing configuration files (run: "make install_config")
  • Added cmake option "-DWITH_PYTHON=ON" to build shared library with python bindings
  • Added python bindings for the Puck class
  • Added python bindings for the barrett::bus namespace
  • Added auto-recovery features that reduce the number of failures on start-up due to CANbus errors
  • Added a method for reading the state of a WAM's Display and Control Pendants (SafetyModule firmware versions >=197)
  • Added the ability to Shift-idle or E-stop a WAM via software (SafetyModule firmware versions >=197)
  • Added barrett/os.h to wrap Operating System facilities, like syslog() and usleep()
  • Added accessor methods to systems::HapticBall and systems::HapticBox
  • Added a new class called "barrett::systems::RateLimiter"
  • Corrected the scale-factor for FTS accelerometer readings
  • Fixed a bug that prevented multiple systems::RealTimeExecutionManager's from running real time loops concurrently
  • Fixed a bug in systems::Wam::getJointVelocities()
  • Fixed a bug in systems::Wam::moveHome(bool, double, double)

Known issues:

  • The installed shared library is not in Python's module search path
  • The CANbus auto-recover feature causes a one-time kernel assertion failure. (This is believed to be an issue with Xenomai
  • The wamdiscover utility requires Python >=2.7, or separate installation of argparse module
  • The bus::CommunicationsBus::getMutex() method does not have a python binding