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  1. Open a terminal on the realtime computer that will run the WAM.
  2. Checkout a copy of the libbarrett library:
    svn co ~/libbarrett
  3. Use the "cmake" program ( to generate Makefiles for your system:
    cd ~/libbarrett/
    cmake .      <-- IMPORTANT: Notice the '.' at the end of this command.
  4. Use the "make" program to compile the library and important calibration utilities:
    cd ~/libbarrett/
    This creates the following files:
    • src/
    • programs/bt-wam-gravitycal
    • programs/bt-wam-zerocal
  5. Compile an example program:
    cd ~/libbarrett/examples/
    make ex01_initialize_wam
    This uses the "examples/ex01_initialize_wam.cpp" file to create the "examples/ex01_initialize_wam" program.
  6. Run the program:
    cd ~/libbarrett/examples/