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Ubuntu Install of Libbarrett-1.2.4

Please Note: While you can now develop, and compile Libbarrett programs without running our real-time operation system, you will only be able to run the Libbarrett software on a PC that is running our real-time operating system. Details and a description of this are located here:

We advise development of new control software on an external PC, then copying over the necessary source files to the real-time control PC (typically the WAM's internal PC/104), recompiling, and running the software.

To install Libbarrett-1.2.4, follow the instructions on our git repository:

Test your installation by reading the documentation:

Explore and run the examples in your home directory

  # Compilation and test of example Libbarrett program. 
  cd ~/libbarrett_examples
  cmake .
  make ex02_hold_position