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     1= Overview of the libbarrett controls library =
     3Barrett's new controls library is called "libbarrett". With the exception of a few maintenance tasks, libbarrett replaces the older "btclient" controls library, which is no longer under active development.
     5The libbarrett library has the same functionality as btclient, but it has been rewritten from the ground up in an effort to simplify the API. It is written in C++ and aims to be quite modular and flexible. True to Barrett's custom, the library is fully open source! This allows our customers the unique opportunity to see exactly what calculations we make and also to adjust them to suit their specific requirements.
     7Briefly, libbarrett thinks about controlling the WAM like Simulink. The programmer describes in code how a block diagram is hooked up, and then that block diagram becomes the main-loop. Here is a partial list of libbarrett's most important features for running the WAM:
     8  * Real-time joint torque control
     9  * Real-time sensor-less force/torque control (haptics)
     10  * Real-time joint position/velocity control
     11  * Real-time Cartesian position/tool orientation control
     12  * Real-time data logging capabilities
     13  * Access to the Jacobain matrix
     14  * User-calibrated gravity compensation
     15  * Simple interface for point-to-point moves and spline-following in both joint- and Cartesian-space
     16  * Teach-and-play
     17  * Forward kinematics calculations
     18  * Online inverse kinematics (based on Jacobain-transpose methods)
     19  * Inverse dynamics calculations
     21Going forward, libbarrett will be the standard library that we supply to new WAM customers. btclient will continue to be available for WAMs, but we will not develop it further and it will not support Barrett's latest products, such as our Force/Torque sensor and our new BH8-280 BarrettHand.
     23You can check-out the most up-to-date version of the code from our Subversion repository by running:
     24svn co libbarrett
     26Please email with any questions!