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Proficio Installation

These steps will guide you through setting up your Proficio and turning it on.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you use 2 people for setup to help lift heavy objects.


Fully assembled Proficio

  1. Remove all components from boxes.



  2. Fasten the handle onto the T-plate using the button (dome) head screws.


  3. Fasten the lifting column to the T-plate using 4 socket head screws.


  4. Place the core robot on top of the lifting column.
  5. Fasten the robot to the column using 4 socket head screws.


  6. Place the console on the 4 small screws with the Barrett Medical logo facing away from the column.
  7. Plug the purple Robot-Console cable into the bottom of the active robot and turn to secure.


  8. Make all electrical connections to the back of the console.


  9. Insert the cradle into the cradle socket and screw in the knurled ring until you can no longer see the red strip.
  10. Position the Proficio as shown in the Proficio Mounting Layout.
  11. Plug the HDMI cable into a monitor.
  12. Plug the power cable into a wall outlet.
  13. Place cord concealers over all cords.
  14. Turn on the toggle switch on the back of the console.
  15. Press the power button on the front of the console.
  16. Log in using the credentials in your quick start guide.

To start a demo program, continue to the Primary Demo Walkthrough?.