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Teach & Play Demo - Single Arm


The Teach & Play program runs the following processes:

  • client - connects to the robot
  • position_controller - generates, records, plays, and pauses trajectories and runs a position control loop.
  • rviz
  • keyboard


To run teach and play, open a terminal and run the command the corresponds to the robot you're using:

For the right-handed robot

bash roslaunch proficio_client_ros teach_and_play_demo.launch side:=right

For the left-handed robot

bash roslaunch proficio_client_ros teach_and_play_demo.launch side:=left

If you are not familiar with linux, see If you have not used ROS before, see for more information on how this works

When you run this command, you will see status messages scroll on the terminal, and then it will launch two additional windows -- a small black keypress window and an Rviz window. See for information on how to use Rviz.


If you see Status [unset], the robot has not connected properly. Try using the other side.


In order to control the robot, put window focus on the keypress capture window by clicking on it. First, ensure that the robot is in home position, then press h to home the robot in software. when you are ready, press e to enable the robot. You will hear the motors turn on, and the robot will begin providing gravity assistance.

The following keys will control the robot:

Key Mapping

Key Description
h Home the robot
e Enable Torque
d Disable Torque
r Start recording trajectory
s Stop recording trajectory
p Play trajectory
o Pause trajectory
q Create Square Trajectory
CTRL+c Close program


To run a teach and play, once the robot is enabled, you would:

  • Press r to start recording
  • Move the robot smoothly and slowly in the desired trajectory
  • Press s to stop recording
  • Press p to play the trajectory back. The trajectory will go forward and backward in the path you created. It will run until stopped
  • Press o when you are done playing the trajectory.
  • Press ctrl+c to close the program