WAM Firmware Update

Updating the firmware occurs in two steps: updating the Pucks™, and updating the Safety Board. However, both of these processes must be completed in the order below; do not do one without the other. The following instructions are for WAMs which have the most current version of safety boards (the wireless router is mounted on the outside). If you are trying to update a WAM without the above characteristics, or you need to download some of the files mentioned in the following steps please see instructions at Detailed Puck Instructions.


  1. Move to the btutil directory (cd ~/btclient/src/btutil)
  2. Update the directory, requires a network connection (svn up)
  3. Make the btutil application (make clean; make)
  4. Turn on the WAM power supply
  5. Press <SHIFT+RESET/IDLE> on the control pendant
  6. Determine which version of firmware you are upgrading from (./btutil -g 1)
  7. Note the VERS (version) and CTS (counts) parameters.
  8. Repeat the following steps (replace <id> with a Puck™ number to update, 1 – 7):
    1. For WAMs with optical encoders (if CTS = 40960)
      • Motors 1-4: ./btutil -d <id> -f puck2.tek.r39b
      • Motors 5-6: ./btutil -d <id> -f puck2.tek.r39b.wdiff
      • Motor 7: ./btutil -d <id> -f puck2.tek.r39b.wroll
    2. For WAMs with magnetic encoders (if CTS = 4096), all motors: ./btutil -d <id> -f puck2.tek.r200
    3. Wait for the download to complete
    4. Set the default parameters for the new firmware (./btutil -p <id> -l <id>)
      • “-l” is a dash-ell, not dash-one
      • example for puck 2: ./btutil -p 2 -l 2
  9. Switch off the WAM power supply when you have finished updating all the pucks.
  10. Update the Safety Board firmware using the instructions on the following page (this is not optional).

Safety Board

The safety board firmware is updated very rarely. If a Barrett employee specifically instructs you to update your safety firmware, you can find the procedure here.

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