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WAM Specifications

Power Requirements

The standard WAM system requires an input voltage of 18-90VDC. The power requirements for both 4-DOF and 7-DOF WAMs are summarized in the table below. For AC operation, a converter for AC mode is supplied. The converter requires 50-60 Hz single-phase 100-120 VAC @ 7A or 200-240 VAC @ 3.5A for proper operation

DC Power Requirements

Status Control 4-DOF 7-DOF
Powered on, no torques External 18 W 27 W
Active at home position External 30 W 40 W
Active at worst-case** position, 4kg payload External 65 W XXX
Active at worst-case** position, 3kg payload External XXX 80 W
Active at worst-case** position, 3kg payload Internal XXX 85 W
Active at worst-case** position with BH8-280, 2kg payload Internal XXX 120 W
Peak External 600 W 800 W

** The worst-case position is the arm fully extended, with the base rotated 90 degrees such that joints 2, 4 and 6 must exert a large torque to counteract gravity.