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Thank you

Thank you for choosing the Whole Arm Manipulator (WAM). The WAM is designed to overcome the lack of backdrivability in conventional robotic arms while maintaining durability, low power usage, light moving weight, and ease of use. The standard WAM is a four degree-of-freedom (4-DOF) arm. The optional WAM Wrist adds three more degrees of freedom. The WAM has the dexterity and slenderness to easily navigate around obstacles placed in its path and is endowed with smooth and precise joint motion, contributing to the WAM’s popularity in robotics control research and emerging applications.

The compactness, low system weight, and extraordinarily low power consumption make the WAM arm uniquely portable and so an ideal choice for use with mobile platforms. Its low mass and the absence of a controller cabinet ensure that it is significantly easier to mount than other robotic arms of the same size. The WAM can also be powered directly from small batteries on a mobile platform without power conditioning, accepting a wide range of DC voltage.

While no robotic arm should be considered “safe” and all precautions should be taken as each application demands, the backdrivability and the multiple-layer safety system of the WAM make it one of the safest robotic arms available. Because of its 95% backdrivable cable drives (in contrast to poorly-backdrivable gear and harmonic-based drives), the WAM can react naturally and lightly as it contacts walls and people. These attributes have contributed to the WAM’s success as one of the first robotic arms in surgery and rehabilitation.

We hope that you enjoy the versatility and functionality of the WAM. Please never hesitate to give feedback and to ask for advice as needed. US+617-252-9000, support@…, or