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    114114 == Problem: The pendants do not initialize when the WAM power supply is turned on ==
     115  === Reason: The Pendant(s) are malfunctioning  ===
     117        a. Turn off the power, and remove the Pendants from the backplate.
     118        b. Turn on the power, and listen for the relay to click, and the PC/104 to beep.
     119        c. If the relay clicks and the PC/104 beeps, the safety board is working, but the pendants are not.  Contact Barrett for repair. 
     120        d. If the relay does not click, and the PC/104 does not beep, the safety board is not working.
    116121  === Reason: The safety board fuse is blown  ===
    118         a. Remove, test, and replace the fuse on the safety board
     123        a. Remove, the fuse, reference designator F1, on the safety board.   
     124        b. Test the fuse for continuity using a Multi-meter.  If fuse is open, replace the fuse with a new one.  Fuse type is 250V, 10A, 5x20mm Slo-Blo. 
    119125  === Reason: There is no power  ===
    121         a. Check for proper voltage at the source (wall or battery)
    122         a. Check for any custom current-limiting circuits you may be using
    123         a. Check the output voltage of the power supply (should be 48 VDC, nominal)
     127        a. Check for proper voltage at the WAM's power supply source (wall or battery)
     128        a. Check for any custom current limiting circuits you may be using.  This may include the current limit dial on a variable power supply, or self limiting circuitry on commercial power supplies
     129        a. Check the output voltage of the power supply (should be 48-51 VDC, nominal)
     130  === Reason: The Puck is in Firmware Download Mode  ===
     132        a. Make both positions of switch SW3, near the puck, is in the correct position.  They should be away from the puck (towards PC/104) for normal operation.  If they are not, the puck will not start the safety board. 
    124133  === Reason: There is some other electrical problem  ===
    126135        a. Contact Barrett for repair
    286294  === Reason: The Puck power bus is shorted together. This could be due to a stuck relay, loose wire, metallic debris on Safety Board, or a damaged Puck.  ===
    288         a. Contact Barrett for repair
     296        a. Turn off power, and remove the three pin connector J9 from the safety board.  Do not move the WAM once J9 is disconnected, it is no longer braked.
     297        b. Try to shift Idle again.  If the safety board re-initializes, then there is an issue with the safety board.  Contact Barrett for repair, or repair procedure.
     298        c. If the board no longer re-sets on shift idle, then the short circuit is in one of the Pucks in the WAM.  Remove the Bhand, (if applicable), and re-Idle.  If there is no failure, the problem is with the Bhand.  Contact Barrett for repair. 
     299        d. Remove the Wrist (if applicable, and try to Re-Idle.  If there is no failure, the problem is with the wrist.  Re-attach the hand to the outer link, and make sure there are also no faults on the Bhand. 
     300        e.  remove the power connector from each of pucks 2-4, and re-idle.  Each time there is no failure, re-connect a puck.  Each time there is a failure, keep that puck disconnected. 
     301        f.  After determining which of pucks 1-7 or 11-14 is the cause of the failure, contact Barrett for repair.