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Wraptor Specifications


Dimensions: 131h x 640w x 192d (mm)

Mass: 6.9kg

Voltage requirements: 48V +/- 2%

Current requirements: 5A Min, 15A Typ, 50A Max

Load limits: 50kg / finger

Operating temperature limits: 0 to 70 degrees C (internal)

Storage temperature limits: -25 to 95 degrees C (non-condensing)

Environmentally sealed: IP-65


Parameter Value
Number of Phases 3
Number of Magnetic Poles 6
Rotor Magnet Material Highest-Grade Neodymium Rare-Earth
Commutation Sinusoidal Space-Vector Brushless PWM
Peak Torque 0.65 N-m
Steady State Torque 0.10 N-m
Torque Constant 0.065 N-m/amp
Motor Constant 0.042 N-m-W1/2
Position Feedback for Spread motor 3 Digital Hall Sensors X 6 Motor Magnet Poles: 18 states per motor revolution that are interpolated into 4,096 positions/motor rev. so true spread joint resolution = 360/(18*18.28) = 1.1 degrees.
Position Feedback for inner and outer link motors Absolute Magnetic Encoder Sensor on Motor Shaft: Absolute 4,096 positions/motor rev. via magnetic encoder, so inner and outer link resolutions are 0.0018 & 0.0023 degrees respectively.


Wraptor Dimensions