Puck Firmware Update

These instructions apply for updating the firmware of motor pucks. To update the firmware of the safety puck, see Detailed Safety Board Instructions?.

Make Software

Move to the btutil directory

cd ~/btclient/src/btutil

Make the btutil application

make clean; make

Identify Existing Firmware Version

Turn on the WAM power supply

Press Shift-Idle on the control pendant

Determine which version of firmware you are upgrading from

./btutil -g 1

Note the VERS (version) and CTS (counts) parameters. If the puck firmware version is less than 32, you will need to download updated firmware over the serial port. Follow these [PuckFirmwareUpdateSerial Puck firmware serial update] instructions.

Download New Firmware for Optical WAMs

Note: These instructions apply for WAMs of type WAM-Oxxx (not WAM-Mxxx or WAM-Hxxx). To determine your system type, see WAM Types.

Download the new firmware. Replace <id> with a puck number to update (1-7)

For WAMs with optical encoders (CTS = 40960), motors 1-4:

./btutil -d <id> -f puck2.tek.r39b

For WAMs with optical encoders, motors 5-6:

./btutil -d <id> -f puck2.tek.r39b.wdiff

For WAMs with optical encoders, motor 7:

./btutil -d <id> -f puck2.tek.r39b.wroll

Download New Firmware for Magnetic WAMs

Note: These instructions apply for WAMs of type WAM-Mxxx or WAM-Hxxx (not WAM-Oxxx). To determine your system type, see WAM Types.

For WAMs with magnetic encoders (CTS = 4096), all motors:

./btutil -d <id> -f puck2.tek.r185

Set Default Parameters

Wait for the download to complete

Set the default parameters for the new firmware

./btutil -p <id> -l <id>

(that is a dash-ell, not dash-one)

(example for puck 2: ./btutil -p 2 -l 2)

Repeat the download and default parameter process for each puck

Additional Steps

If you are upgrading from a puck firmware version less than 40, follow the FindMotorOffsets procedure.

Switch off the WAM power supply when you have finished updating all the pucks.

Continue on to update the Safety Board firmware (required).

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